Accounting and financial accounting

Accounting is an extremely important for every organization. The financial stability and well-being of the enterprise depends on how professionally  accounting is organized.

For many small firms, the best / most convenient way to conduct accounting is to order accounting services from an accounting company. This is much cheaper than maintaining the accounting staff. In addition, you get high-quality services from professionals who are constantly trained, who attend seminars and are up to date with all the latest changes. Services are provided on the basis of a contract that sets out all the nuances of work and obligations of the parties.

Professional accounting services are an opportunity to avoid fines and penalties, it is convenience and confidence in the correctness of accounting, and finally, it is the stability and financial well-being of the organization.

We will provide professional accounting in the proper form, which will be another factor in the successful conduct of your business.

  • Accounting and tax accounting

    Client   Provision of all necessary primary documents and information to the accountant in hard copy (or electronic) by the 7th day of the next month following the reporting period Conducting inventory in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Estonia Checks email and takes note…

  • HR records management and payroll

    Client   Timely provision of initial data on new employees (first and last name, personal code, residential address, phone number, e-mail, place of work, position, bank account number, partial disability, start of employment relationship, type of contract, fixed-term or indefinite contract, workload, payment) Provision of concluded contracts (if the employer…

  • Preparation and submission of financial, tax and statistical reports

    Client   Registration of a power of attorney to an accountant in the electronic environment of the Tax Board, Commercial register, Statistics Department Has a valid Estonian ID card and PIN codes (if a member of the management Board is a person without an Estonian personal code, you must inform…

  • Accounting and tax advice

    Client   Timely request for advice Precise definition of the problem and wording of the question Provision of correct and complete information   Accountant   Consulting on accounting issues Tax and financial advice Advice on complex issues in the Tax Board Consultations on current issues of the company   Accounting…

  • Support of tax audits

    Our company has been operating in the Estonian accounting services market for more than 15 years. We have passed more than one tax audit and can say that the behavior of employees of the Tax and Customs Board is polite and correct. Tax audits are conducted in accordance with the…

  • Restoration of accounting

    Restoration of accounting is often required after frequent changes of accountants, or as a result of improper accounting.   Client   Provision of primary and summary documents for the reporting period, preserved registers and reports Registration of a power of attorney to an accountant in the electronic environment of the…


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