HR records management and payroll



Timely provision of initial data on new employees (first and last name, personal code, residential address, phone number, e-mail, place of work, position, bank account number, partial disability, start of employment relationship, type of contract, fixed-term or indefinite contract, workload, payment)

Provision of concluded contracts (if the employer draws up the contracts himself)

Monthly maintenance and provision of a working time sheet to the accountant

Written notification of the accountant about sick leaves, vacations, and other absence of employees.

Registration of a power of attorney to an accountant in the electronic environment of the unemployment insurance fund, Health Insurance Fund, Social Insurance Board.




Registration, suspension and de-registration of employees in the employment register

Preparation of primary documents on personnel (contracts, application for non-taxable income)

Payroll and tax accounting

Accounting for different types of vacations, accrual and payment of vacation pay

Accounting for the vacation reserve

Registration and provision of sick leave to the Health Insurance Fund

Preparation and submission of TSD tax returns, TSD forms, INF

Filing an application for social tax benefits for an employee with reduced working capacity in the Tax Board

Submission of applications for compensation of vacation pay and average wages to the employer from the state budget to the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the Social Insurance Board

Calculation of dividends and tax accounting

Consulting and providing information related to accounting and tax accounting for personnel


Accounting services do not include


Execution of orders, instructions, protocols and statements

Legal advice on personnel

Representation of the client in the Labour Dispute Committee and in court sessions

Preparation of a statement of employees’ working hours

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