Support of tax audits

Our company has been operating in the Estonian accounting services market for more than 15 years. We have passed more than one tax audit and can say that the behavior of employees of the Tax and Customs Board is polite and correct. Tax audits are conducted in accordance with the procedure established by law. The tax Inspectorate gives timely warnings about its visits, verification purposes, and gives reasonable deadlines for providing data.

The official mission and goal of the Tax and Customs Board is to create a fair competitive environment for entrepreneurs, protect society and the economy, and facilitate the business environment.

Estonian tax and customs service

  • has different channels for sending data (from phone, computer, on paper);
  • makes advances in drawing up schedules for paying off tax arrears;
  • constantly improves technical systems, which simplifies office work;
  • conducts free consultations and seminars.


You can contact the tax and customs manager by phone or email. For a personal meeting, you can order an interpreter.




Immediately notifies about the upcoming tax audit

Provides a notification to the tax manager about the purpose and time of the audit




Advises the client on the upcoming tax audit

Prepares the necessary documents for the tax manager

Provides the necessary registers from the accounting program

Provides explanations to the tax manager

Accompanies the client to the Tax and Customs Board


Accounting services do not include


Translation of documents and registers into Estonian

Challenging the results of a tax audit in court

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