Accounting and tax accounting



Provision of all necessary primary documents and information to the accountant in hard copy (or electronic) by the 7th day of the next month following the reporting period

Conducting inventory in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Estonia

Checks email and takes note of information from the accountant




Receiving primary documents and necessary information

Analysis of primary documents for compliance with the requirements of the Estonian legislation on accounting and tax accounting

Introduction of sales and purchase invoices in the accounting program 1C or E-arveldaja

Accounting for invoices (linking invoices to receipts and payments)

Accounting for expenses (receipts from accountable persons, payments by personal cards, payments by company card, etc.)

Accounting of cash transactions (preparation of cash orders, registration of the cash book)

Accounting for expenses and income

Payroll and tax accounting

Registration, suspension and de-registration of employees in the Employment Register

Accounting for different types of vacations, accrual and payment of vacation pay

Accounting for the vacation reserve

Accounting for special benefits, non-business expenses, gifts and donations, and dividends

Preparation of tax returns, filing of TSD returns, TSD forms, INF

Making travel reports

Calculation of daily allowances

Accounting for banking operations

Reflection of existing credit agreements and leases, monitoring of payment schedules

Accounting for fixed assets and depreciation

Checking the correctness of accounting entries based on the entered documents

Preparation and submission of reports to the Tax Board

VAT tax accounting, filing of KMD, VD, PVD declarations

Preparation of tax returns, filing of TSD returns, TSD forms, INF

Validation of tax balances

Preparation and submission of statistical reports related to accounting and tax accounting to the Department of statistics (other statistical reports on request)

Preparation of interim financial statements (balance sheet, profit statement) (on request)

Preparation of an annual report to the Commercial register

Preparation of internal accounting policies

Consulting and providing information related to accounting and tax accounting

Representation of the client when dealing with the tax board, auditor, bankruptcy manager and other third parties


Accounting services do not include


Accounting for low-value items

Warehouse accounting

Making a trip log

Decision-making on firm management

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