Restoration of accounting

Restoration of accounting is often required after frequent changes of accountants, or as a result of improper accounting.




Provision of primary and summary documents for the reporting period, preserved registers and reports

Registration of a power of attorney to an accountant in the electronic environment of the Tax Board

Has a valid Estonian ID card and PIN codes (if a member of the management Board is a person without an Estonian personal identification code, you must inform thereof in advance)

Explanation of situations




Sorting out all available financial documents of the organization in accordance with the current legislation

Reproduction of synthetic and analytical tax and accounting registers

Submission of the report for business years in electronic form to the Commercial register

Preparation and submission of zero reports

Submission of declarations for KMD, VD, PVD, TSD, TSD forms, INF

Correction of submitted declarations and annual reports


Accounting services do not include


Registration and restoration of primary and summary documents

Warehouse accounting

Using the accounting program if the number of transactions per year does not exceed 20

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