Mentoring is an effective and popular way to transfer professional knowledge and skills from a more experienced accountant (mentor) to a less experienced accountant. The mentoring program has proven its effectiveness in practice.



Why do I need mentoring?


  • To grow in the right direction. Neither the book nor the courses will give feedback, will not tell you if you have lost your way.
  • A professional mentor will be able to identify the problem and find the best solution.
  • An experienced mentor will teach you and tell you if you are doing the right thing.
  • A creative mentor will help you believe in yourself, in your strength, and in your knowledge.


We offer:


There are many experts in their field, but not all are able to explain and direct. Our specialists will act as mentors efficiently and professionally.

We are ready to take on individual work with a novice accountant.

Mentors can be engaged periodically or systematically over a certain period of time.


The main conditions for mentoring mean your desire to learn, the desire to understand, the ability to analyse the situation from different points of view, and the desire to become an independent specialist.

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